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Bachelor of
Psychological Science


Reference No.: 412766

QF Level: 5

QR Registration No.: 18/000099/L5

QR Reg. Validity Period: 1/9/2018–31/8/2022

This programme is accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications to reach HKQF level 5, which is equivalent to the standing of bachelor’s degrees offered by local universities in Hong Kong. The degree qualification is formally recognised by the Government for employment purposes within the Civil Service.


This is an exempted programme under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance in Hong Kong. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualifications to which these programmes may lead.


Why study a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences?


Psychology looks at why we behave the way we do, why we experience the things we do, and why those experiences shape our behaviour. Psychology helps you understand human behaviour and how the mind works, and can lead you in a number of directions. You will use your skills to understand how organisations and individuals work, or to improve the wellbeing of individuals, families and organisations.


All of our psychology courses are accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council and are reviewed to ensure they meet the needs of students and industry. You will learn the most current knowledge directly from the people involved in creating it. Your lecturers are active researchers who are keen to instil their passion for psychology into every student.


In 2018 the Australian Federal Government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) ranked UOW as fourth among all universities in New South Wales and the ACT for Psychology.



Course Learning Outcomes


Students graduating from the Bachelor of Psychological Science will be able to:


  • Demonstrate a broad and coherent knowledge of core topics in the discipline of psychology, their applications, and ethical behaviour in research and professional contexts.
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of research methods, including an evaluation of the characteristics of the science of psychology/scientific method.
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply research methods to address psychological questions related to behaviour and mental processes.
  • Write standard research reports and orally present information in various formats.
  • Exhibit a capacity for independent learning to sustain personal and professional development in the changing world of the science and practice of psychology.
  • Apply critical thinking skills and knowledge of scientific method to evaluate claims regarding psychological phenomena.
  • Use information in an ethical manner and apply knowledge of ethical and legislative requirements to determine appropriate ethical conduct in a range of contexts.

Career opportunities


During this degree you will study the foundations of psychology and learn about research methods and statistics. Graduates will be equipped with knowledge and experience to move into many types of careers such as:

  • Human Resources
  • Data Analyst
  • Brand Manager
  • Educational Officer
  • Community or Social Services
  • Personnel Services
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Industrial Relations
  • Life Coach
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Developmental Officer

Entry requirements




Students applying for entry into a UOW degree must have successfully completed a relevant associate degree or higher diploma from a recognised institution.


Qualified graduates from the following programmes who have a minimum GPA of 2.4 may be eligible for entry into the Bachelor of Psychological Science and we awarded credit for prior learning:


UOW College Hong Kong/Community College of City University (UOWCHK/CCCU)

  • Associate of Social Science in Applied Psychology
  • Associate of Social Science in Applied Social Studies (Guidance and Counselling)


College of International Education:

  • Associate of Science in Psychology


Hong Kong Community College:

  • Associate in Applied Social Sciences (Psychology)


HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College:

  • Associate of Applied Social Sciences (Psychology)


Admission into a UOW top-up degree is not limited to graduates from the above programmes. Applicants from other programmes or unrelated disciplines with demonstrated foundation knowledge may also be considered and will be assessed on a case by case basis.


English Language


Students applying for entry into a UOW degree must meet the University’s English language requirements. Applicants may meet the English language requirements based on successful study where English was the language used. Find out more about satisfying the English language requirements of UOW at: www.uow.edu.au/future/international/apply/english/



Programme structure


All students are required to complete twelve (12) subjects worth six (6) credit points each from the list below to be awarded the Bachelor of Psychological Science.


The course structure* is outlined below:


Subject code Subject name Credit Point Session*


Critical Thinking and Communication Skills in Psychology


Semester A


Biological Psychology and Learning


Semester A


Cognition and Perception


Semester A


Quantitative Methods in Psychology


Semester A


Psychology of Abnormality


Semester B


Assessment and Intervention


Semester B


History and Philosophy of Psychology


Semester B


Social Behaviour and Individual Differences


Semester B


Design and Analysis


Semester C


Visual Perception


Semester C


Forensic Psychology


Semester C


Applied Psychology


Semester C


*Program may be subject to change.



Student Testimonial



Sarah Liddle

Bachelor of Psychology Honours


“I have always had an interest in what drives people’s behaviour, how the mind works, and why people feel the way they do. These interests drove me toward studying psychology. “





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